From the pioneers of car to cloud connectivity using mobile apps. 


Backseat driver technology to help students.


Developed with an Injury Prevention Center, the app focuses on the 3 highest accident risks: speeding, intersections, distractions.


A free mobile app is one way to stay under budget. Start simple to see how it works and add more as you go. 


Install the app and drive. You can get started immediately. Open and easy to integrate for businesses. 

Street smarts for your smartphone

"This level of monitoring and coaching will result in better trained and more experienced novice drivers."



Kevin Borrup, JD, MPA

Associate Director, Injury Prevention Center

Connecticut Children's Medical Center

How it Works


Records driving time on their smartphone. Adjusts accelerations and braking from feedback during drive. 


Calculates driving risks using GPS data from a smartphone. Driver scores are calculated using distraction data, posted speed limits, traffic signals, stop sign data and more. 

Mobile App

The app provides detailed results after the trip ends on how to improve. An overall score is given with a breakdown by speeding, distractions, braking and acceleration.


Optionally get driver scores, trends and send messages. Parents, driving schools, businesses and more can use to customize to their situation. 


Optionally add diagnostic OBD hardware for single vehicle usage and to enable vehicle diagnostics and more.   


Incentive for using and improving driver safety without gamification that teens will game. 


Transparent system with encouragement brings better results than behind-the-scenes tracking with punishment. 


Give drivers real-time, timely feedback that they they can understand to prevent accidents. 


Enhance existing telematics solutions or provide a entry-level solution for fleets that are holding out for the right value. 


Generate UBI leads, complement existing programs or start gathering data for a new program.  


Use our platform to develop customers instead of code and get to market faster. Start reducing loss ratios without expensive hardware or the threat of the vehicle getting hacked.