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About Motolingo



We want everyone to benefit from connected cars but realize that people (and businesses) like to have choices. One size does not fit all in car connectivity. That’s why we developed an open, flexible platform that starts with smartphones. We’re not limited to mobile apps but think they are the foundation for fast feedback and can provide the best value.


Our mobile platform brings telematics to the masses with the flexibility to add best-of-breed hardware, analytics and data that results in safer travel for everyone. 



We’ve learned from some “gotchas” and can help you avoid them. Our solutions were developed over years in partnership with Microsoft and Children's Connecticut Medical center with grants from Kohl's and Allstate. We've learned a lot since starting in 2009. 


  • Our apps have recorded hundreds of thousands of drives with millions of data points analyzed

  • Apps developed for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Windows Mobile (in our pioneering days)

  • Platform deployed in SaaS and PaaS environments

  • Patent filing for detecting risks of vehicles nearby by using aggregated location and accident data



Our team has decades of experience in automotive and consumer software. We appreciate the need for a great user experience combined with all the unknowns of driving a car down the road. Some samples of experience we bring to projects:


  • On-Board Diagnostics OBD at General Motors, telematics and diagnostics solutions at Bosch

  • User Experience UX and design a leading marketing agency in NY, London 

  • Enterprise software for multiple fortune 500 companies, DoD and startups across several industries

  • Applications in insurance, fleet, aftermarket and dealer service, consumer, automotive OEM / Tier 1 suppliers...


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