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Insurance Evolved


As Usage-Based Insurance UBI advanced beyond dongles, discounts and analytics, be ready for new ways of retaining customers and reducing loss ratios. Mobile apps can enhance existing solutions, generate leads for dongle programs or even enable new programs and business models. Mobile can alleviate vehicle hacking concerns while providing driver safety and even discounts.


  • Get to market faster with an existing platform that has proven components and maintenance tools

  • Focus on developing customers instead of code

  • Integrate with best-of-breed external systems (analytics) and hardware devices (OBD) as needed in the product portfolio without worrying about dead-ends or incompatibilities



  • Lower cost, easier to install apps can drive up adoption rates

  • Build trust through mobile-apps that can be perceived as less intrusive than solutions that require a diagnostic hardware dongle or a subscription from the automotive manufacturer

  • Create new offerings that help drivers avoid accidents and manage their vehicle instead of only offering discounts



  • Provide safety for drivers where it matters the most (speeding, intersections and distractions) to reduce accidents

  • Minimize or avoid upfront hardware and networking costs for particular applications

  • Drive adoption of dongle-based UBI with easy-to-try mobile apps that will attract the lowest risk drivers

  • Sustain safety after the dongle assessment period with a mobile app that provides true safety value



  • Provide real-value to consumers in the mobile app in terms of safety, vehicle repair, convenience and operating ease

  • Empower customers with self-driving car technology

  • Build brand trust by helping drivers and going beyond just discounts. 

Driving safety network effect mobile apps

With over 4 million users in US and Europe with a growth rate of over 40% annually, Usage-Based Insurance (UBI) has room to grow. Meanwhile, smartphones get better battery life, more powerful processor, faster network communications along with direct integration into cars via Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Now is a great time to introduce vehicle-agnostic mobile apps into the product line. 


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