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Open, flexible platform


Open means you can design the solution to fit the situation. Start simple with mobile and grow as needed into advanced vehicle connectivity and analytics. Or complement existing telematics solutions with mobile apps.


Avoid dead-ends that don’t scale and adjust as your needs change. Add or change vehicle interface hardware and integrate third party software when you want.


Once the system design is set, let the platform handle the hassles: compatibility, connectivity and content. These 3 Cs of telematics can detract from core business and delay the time-to-market. Focus on providing value-added services while the platform does the rest. 

Connected vehicle mobile platform


Mobile operating systems and phones are always changing. The platform handles Android, Apple iOS and Windows.


With mobile only, the platform provides driver safety and coaching for all vehicles, including those prior to 1996. 


Access our system hosted by Motolingo or install the platform on your own Windows servers.



Connect directly to secure diagnostic devices locally in the vehicle or remotely through a cloud interface.


Connect directly with automotive OEM interfaces as possible.


Push data to third party analytics or in-house systems.


Use speed limits, traffic signals, stop signs and more from HERE and other sources of data.


Add location-based weather, construction and more to inform the driver of events in real-time.


Leverage existing monitors, scoring models, data handling, rules engines and more that are already built into the platform.


Available components 


Readily available in our library for deployment to web, iOS, Android, Windows Phone and often portable to embedded devices.


  • Driver scoring models with tunable rationality limits 

  • Distracted driving monitors and prevention techniques

  • Speed limit monitoring

  • Intersection red-light predictions

  • Rolling stop monitors

  • Aggressive braking and decelerations

  • Fuel economy

  • Engine and vehicle diagnostics (enhanced codes)

  • Configurable maintenance reminders

  • Social media integration

  • Shop finder

  • and more....


Optional Portal



Look at past drives in detail whenever you want.



Send and email about specific behaviors that could improve. 



Data to CSV files.

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