MotoCarma mobile app for Teen Drivers
Learning to drive better through practice and coaching 


Teen logs driving hours for learner's permit with the app to meet your state's requirements.


Parents and teens can view the total hours driven so far and routes taken. 


Coaching and scores in the app and from emails improve driver safety, prepare for insurance discounts.

Braking & Accel

Discover tailgating, unfocused and aggressive driving.   


Track when phone use occurs during driving.


Track speeds against actual posted limits and more.   

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How is MotoCarma better? 

Safer - distraction and advanced speed and intersection monitoring technology with recommendations on how to improve. 

Simpler - no separate hardware required to install, setup. 

Shame-free - games and shame from sharing scores not included. Research indicates that shared scores can cause adverse effects. 

Developed in partnership with a leading Injury Prevention Center