Advanced Street Data

Subscription available for in-app purchase for $5 per month that unlocks the Speed score and enhances the Acceleration and Braking scores. 


  • Records actual speed using smartphone GPS

  • Compares to actual posted limits using location lookup

  • Get stats like max and average speeds over limit 

  • Score is adjusted for duration and amount over limits

  • Detects speeding through traffic lights and rolling stops 


  • Adjusts score for hard brake or acceleration near traffic lights

  • Hard braking can mean a light was almost run

  • Accelerating can mean a light was actually run

Stats and tips
Stats and tips

Details on actual speeds compared to posted limits for each drive.

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Speeding incidents
Speeding incidents

See where the app detected speeding and by how much

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ASD can be used while practicing with a learner's permit and after getting a full license. Getting familiar with the enhanced scores during the GDL can be a great way to start. Then, once your teen hits the road on their own, use ASD to help with risks of speeding, traffic lights and stop signs. 



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