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Increase profits and create better drivers with your own app

We’ll provide the technology, branding and everything you need. 
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Better drivers
  • The app focuses on 3 primary causes of accidents: speeding, distractions and reckless driving 

  • Helped reduce accident rates from 50% to 12.5% in first year drivers*

  • Logs practice hours conveniently while coaching drivers during critical learning phase 

*Sources: Fresh Green Light Graduate Survey 2009-2017;

Car and Driver, June 2010

Automated engagement 
  • Automated emails from the app provides a positive and engaging experience in the weeks and months after they attend your driving school

  • Ongoing coaching in the app and from periodic emails provides valuable guidance to both parents and drivers that reflects well for your school

  • This positive experience translates into better ratings and word-of-mouth referrals which means more customers and more profit

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All reward, no risk

We'll give you what's needed to get the students and parents up and running and support them.

  • Monthly reports on usage and support customer questions 

  • Flyer and presentation to explain the benefits

  • We will train your instructors on how to introduce and install the app

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Proven & Practical 

Thousands of students have used Motolingo's technology to become better drivers. 

  • Over 500,000 at risk incidents detected

  • Over 250,000 drive trips recorded

  • More than 100,000 practice hours recorded

Developed in partnership with experts from the Injury Prevention Center at Connecticut Children's Medical Center.

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Steve Mochel 
Parent, CEO

Fresh Green Light Driving School

"The app helps us differentiate our business by providing a fun and high-tech way of learning to drive. It helps parents log the hours and reinforces the importance of putting in the time. Practice makes perfect!"

More customers, more profit 

  • Many parents are willing to pay for a higher quality education and the convenience of recording the practice hours

  • Your school can increase prices or offer a higher priced package with the branded app included  - or keep prices the same and use the app to win more customers​

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