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How it works


We'll provide monthly reports on how many of your students are using the MotoCarma app and provide your earning potential. 


Tell your customers about the MotoCarma app and encourage them to records hours toward a Graduated Driver's License. 



We will share 30% of revenues generated from our email advertisers as well as from your customer's In-App Purchases.

Partner Program

What to do
  • Learn more and download the MotoCarma app. 

  • Contact us with some basic information about your school

  • Use the form to the right to submit your school for consideration

  • Print the flyer and hand out 

  • Show the PowerPoint slide 

No commitment or obligation

  • Add a link to your website 

  • Add links to the App Stores

What it looks like

Use our MotoCarma app to engage teens in the process of learning to drive through easy-to-use technology that’s trusted and safe. With features designed specifically for new drivers, MotoCarma takes the work out of keeping parents informed and verifying hours behind the wheel. Connect with your students and encourage safer drivers through the gadget teens can’t stop using, the smartphone. 

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