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Engage parents and teens right before upcoming auto-related purchases 


Place your advertisement or company logo at the bottom of emails sent to parents and teens that have registered to use the teen driving safety app, MotoCarma.

Each week, between 5 - 10 emails are sent to encourage teens to practice driving, to recognize a milestone toward getting their license or to provide overall status updates on their progress. 

A driving school with 1000 students would send an estimated 30,000 - 60,000 emails over a 6 month period to just the parents. 

Sponsored emails are also available.

Build your Brand


Reinforce your reputation by showing you care about safety on our roads and by taking action to help parents, teens and businesses do something about it. 


Get started with $100 per ad placement.

Each email send is an additional $0.01 and can be capped at a max spend. 

For only a few hundred dollars, your business will get repeated exposure to highly qualified, targeted buyers that will be purchasing auto insurance and possibly other auto-related items including a new vehicle in the near future. 


We offer local and national packages. We can reach out to local driving schools in your area on your behalf. Just let us know how we can help. Contact us to discuss the options.

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