How do I submit an Android Bug Report to Motolingo? 

An Android Bug Report is a full system log from your Android device.  You should only send them to people that you trust.  To generate the bug report follow these steps:

1. Enable Developer Options

  • Open the Settings app

  • Scroll to the bottom

  • Tap About Phone or About Device

  • Scroll down to the bottom

  • Tap Build Number 5 times

    • You will see the message: Congratulations you are now a Developer

  • Tap back

  • Tap Developer Options

  • Turn USB Debugging on

2. Take Bug Report

There are 2 methods to get the bug report, from the Settings app or using a button shortcut

a. Settings App
  • Open the Settings App

  • Scroll to the bottom

  • Tap Developer Options

  • Tap Take Bug Report

b. Shortcut

Press and hold these buttons at the same time, for about 2 seconds until you feel a vibration

  • Power

  • Volume Up

  • Volume Down

3. Reproduce Your Issue

Now you need to recreate the problem you are having.  You will have about a minute to do this.  If the app is crashing or locking up, or your having a camera issue; just open the app and make that happen again.  After about a minute your device will vibrate a few times and you'll have a Bug Report Captured notification. If the app is NOT crashing, reproduce the issue and the manually create and submit the bug report within a minute or so of the issue.

4. Submit Bug Report

Now that you have a Bug Report, send it in to support.  This is a rather large file, sometimes larger than 10MB, so you may want to wait until you are on a WiFi connection to send it in. Sometimes the files are too large to email as well so please consider a file sharing option. 

  • Tap the Bug Report Captured notification

  • Select an email app or file sharing option like Dropbox or Google Drive

  • Upload the file to a folder in the sharing app and email or share it with support@motolingo.com

5. Disable Developer Options

Once you have finished submitting your bug report you will want to turn Developer Options off to prevent any un-authorized access to your device.

  • Open the Settings app

  • Scroll to the bottom

  • Tap Developer Options

  • Turn Developer Options off