MotoFleet for Drivers
Automatic record keeping and risk reduction 


The app automatically launches in the background and detects motion as drives within normal driving hours. 


Drive times are recorded along with location and other safety monitors to create an overall score


Results are emailed to the Fleet Manager after each trip, daily, weekly and/or monthly. 

How is a mobile app different than other fleet management solutions? 

Simpler - no hardware saves on installation and separate data costs.

Safer - driver phone use reduction and recommendations to improve

Braking & Accel

Records minor, intermediate and major levels of braking and acceleration. Discover tailgating, unfocused and aggressive driving.   


Distractions are detected when the user leaves the app while it is recording a drive trip. 


Uses HERE® data to compare the driver's speed against actual posted limits and more.   

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Recommendations on how to improve are shown to drivers in the app and are based on actual performance and scores.


Find out where your incidents happened on a map.

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Fleet driver dashboard
Fleet driver dashboard

See driving totals, scores and trends

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Analyze your drive data
Analyze your drive data

On Android devices, slice and dice the data to see where things went wrong - or right. Find the drives that impacted your score the most.

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Entry-level telematics for small fleets 

Complementary add-on to existing solutions