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Driving School


Find new customers.
Teach with technology.
Mobile Apps


Offer a new app to your driving students that records hours toward a Graduated Driver's License while capturing driving risks.

Admin & Analytics


Review driving data and give feedback. Adjust student grades with real-driving data. Escalate issues to parents. Setup contests. 



With years of experience in mobile, software and automotive, we can tailor the solution to fit your applications. Our platform can help. 

Modern Learning


Today's teens learn through data visualization and positive coaching through technology . A non-distracting mobile app can enhance any driving school's curricula and generate more revenue for your business. 


Your students can log hours toward their license for free. Speeding and intersection safety monitors can be added with a monthly fee. Contact us to disuss the options. 

Promote Today


Tell your students about our app today.


  • Print the flyer and pass out to your parents and students

  • Add the PowerPoint slide to your course presentations

  • Post the flyer or slide on your classroom walls

  • Add to your website

With your own branded app, you can:


  • Differentiate from other schools

  • Improve your online reputation

  • Get new customers from word-of-mouth

  • Avoid the costs and hassles of building your own app or integrating other solutions


What's included:


  • Mobile app with your brand logo and colors

  • Automated emails from your school that provides status updates and encourages more practice driving

  • Google Play or Apple app store publishing

  • In-app purchase option for speed limits and intersection safety monitors

  • Other functionality available in MotoCarma app


Or Get Your Own Custom Branded App
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Custom App Subscriptions

If your school will have more than 20 teens using the branded app each year, we offer several other packages. These packages also include a way for your school to generate revenue from the In-App Purchase IAP of Advanced Street Data (speed vs posted limits, rolling stops, running red lights). 

* Purchase of custom app branding is separate

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