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Accident prevention and driver behavior are always among the top reasons fleets adopt telematics. Motolingo offers a solution that does both and can complement existing telematics or provide a low-cost way of gaining many telematics features provided by the high-end solutions.

Low cost safety coach for vehicle fleets
New telematics solution


Some fleets, often smaller ones with less than 100 vehicles have not adopted a telematics technology. Motolingo offers an extremely low cost, simple way of improving driver safety with just a mobile app. Inexpensive diagnostics hardware can be added for additional fuel savings and vehicle maintenance.


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Mobile apps complementing fleet telematics
Complement existing telematics


Embedded telematics solutions can be extended or enhanced with mobile apps to further improve driver safety. With location-based speed limit monitoring and understandable alerts, drivers can reduce risks without additional training or hardware installations.


Give drivers some self-driving car technology today that warns of fast approaching stop lights, signs, construction zones and more.


Use every piece of data available in the most cost effective way to improve the driver's awareness of the surroundings. 


In addition, phone apps can discourage phone use while driving and even detect and report violations. Our platform can include distractions in an overall driving score or integrate the incidents into existing scoring systems for a holistic view of driver safety. 


With faster networks and phones being released daily, a mobile app can enable a future-proof solution.

Our platform is easily integrated into existing solutions.


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