Digital Fleet Management

Fully automated asset tracking and risk reduction

Prevent accidents and increase productivity with mobile apps for your fleet drivers


  • 27,000+ drive trips recorded
  • Thousands of drivers monitored
  • Developed with Injury Prevention Center 
  • 40,000+ hard braking incidents detected
  • 18,000+ cases of speeding over the posted limit
  • 6,000+ distracted driving incidents detected 

Why MotoFleet


Automated email reports to managers and feedback to drivers.


Mobile saves time and money by avoiding GPS or OBD hardware.


Export all data to CSV and integrate other systems - we're open.


Automatically handles risks that matter the most.


How it Works

Add new fleet drivers, configure settings and view results in email reports.

Familiar trusted mobile apps for connected car

Automatically detects a drive, records time, speed, acceleration, braking, distractions and other risks


View recommendations for improvement, past drive records. Log personal and business miles. 


Monthly per vehicle


Mobile Apps
Advanced Street 
Data (ASD)

Monthly per vehicle



  • Complete fleet manager web software

  • Includes mobile apps for 2 fleet vehicles


A fleet management solution for busy business owners