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The original car to cloud connectivity platform for driver safety and vehicle diagnostics.

Now, with street signs and intersection intelligence for preventing accidents.



Preventing accidents through mobile-apps that help drivers control speed, intersection risks, distractions and more.


Start with a mobile app and upgrade to the right-priced hardware for your application at anytime.


Mobile apps make connected cars possible for everyone today.  

Street smarts for your smartphone

The majority of accidents today involve speeding, intersections or distractions. Connected cars can help yet less than 10% have the technology. 

Mobile apps can get you connected immediately and provide some of the self-driving car smarts to drivers today. 

How it works

1. Mobile App

Detects and records drives using smartphone GPS and sends speed, location and more to to cloud for processing. 

2. Cloud

Calculates driver risks and warnings using location-based street signs, weather, construction and more. 

3. Driver

Gets meaninful warnings when they need it to avoid accidents and reduce risk.

Add optional diagnostic OBD hardware at any time for reading vehicle fault codes and recording fuel economy.  

4. Manage

Manage system settings and minimize long app approval cyces with configurable monitors.

Select the approach for your situation and don't worry about dead ends. You can upgrade, downgrade and interface with external systems at any time without starting over.


Incentive for using and improving driver safety without gamification that teens will game. 


Transparent system with encouragement brings better results than behind-the-scenes tracking with punishment. 


Give drivers real-time, timely feedback that they they can understand to prevent accidents. 


Enhance existing telematics solutions or provide a entry-level solution for fleets that are holding out for the right value. 


Generate UBI leads, complement existing programs or start gathering data for a new program.  


Use our platform to focus to develop customers instead of code and get to market faster to start reducing loss ratios without expensive hardware. 

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